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Emily is  a patient, experienced and passionate teacher. Due to her years of exploring the world through arena tours as well as being in all manor of recording environments,Emily is able to uniquely blend Performance and technical expertise for all levels. A healthy mind as well as a Healthy voice are the core building blocks of Emilys teaching.


"It is imperative to have a true understanding of what each individual student is trying to achieve which allows for a collaborative journey at all levels." 


MY STUDIO - The space allows for a plethora of services for all levels from starters through to professionals. Whether it's brushing up on  technical points, tuition and assistance on specific tracks, making use of the digital recording studio or simply pop piano tuition. 

                           Try SKYPE lessons! 

Don't let COVID beat you! While I would prefer face to face lessons in my studio, I am confident that we can still reach your goals online.

  • 1-1 fun!

  • If you are young and have discovered a love for singing. Have fun while learning the basic technique which saw Emily herself onto an international rock tour. 

  • Parent consultation for under 16's is required to discuss which path is best for each student. Whether that be singing for fun or working towards formal LCM/Trinity pop/rock exams.

  • Any age, any style, hobbyists beginning to sing in public or in choirs.

  • Specific help for an upcoming part or solo. 

  • Emily can provide anything from accompanying and singing through your favourite songs to writing and recording your own music in her fully equipped studio. 

  • Mic technique.

  • Confidence building.

  • Exploring individual sound and expression.

  • Social media management.

  • Formal examination prep on request.

  • Full/part-time studying diploma to degree level. Pushing boundaries in developing musicianship and becoming an artist. 

  • Having guest lectured at LCM, BIMM and The Univeristy of South Wales, Emily is uniquely able to coach in a 1-1 environment for a specific performance, assessment, audition or gig, Having a Masters Degree in performance and singing from Leeds College of Music Emily understands the environment you are learning in and what is expected of you.

  • Having been a guest mentor for the Musicians Union and been on a world tour for the last ten years Emily is able to mentor whether its  the start of a career or for  long time pro's who have fallen into bad habits, want to refresh their technique, theory or explore their artistry further. 

  • The importance of warming up/down, vocal health and practice to build stamina.

  • Anxiety/stage fright.

  • Recording/producing original projects and basic music software tuition.

  • Can provide the right contacts and connections to further your journey.


20 mins - £12

30 mins - £20

45 mins - £28

60 mins - £35

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